Monday, June 15, 2009

Work, my mother, and other things.

Sometimes I think I haven't much to write about and other times its like a dam will burst if I don't put it down on here.
Today is one of those times when I'm just not quite sure.

It's been a working day today, so I'm a little tired I guess and the creative juices just aren't flowing as they do at other times. Work wasn't too bad I have to admit for a change.
It's usually chaotic and a real frenzy at times there and I hardly have time to draw breath, let alone take a coffee break or lunch even. Today though, I managed to fit in not only a morning tea, but also lunch and to top it off, got off 15 minutes before I was due to walk out.
The best part of the day was walking out into brilliant sunshine after so many days of grey clouds and drizzle. Now that made me feel like being part of the world I can tell you, reader.

I then had to pay my mother a visit. This lady is 85 now and as mothers go, is a wonderful example. She lost her husband, my dad, some seven years ago, then her grandson, my boy, shortly after. Three years after Chris's death, her eldest grand-daughter died also. Mum still smiles though even though I am sure her heart feels like breaking at times.
Whilst I was away in PNG my mother underwent a shoulder replacement which entailed reasonably major surgery. Her recovery has been uneventful up till the last few days and she is now beginning to complain of feeling quite unwell so its a trip to see her GP tomorrow. Given that I am the closest 'child' living near her, its fallen on me to take her which I don't mind in the least. She and I have a wonderful relationship fortunately. We actually share a similar sense of humour and find it easy to laugh at ourselves.

I have four siblings, three of which are male, so you can well understand that doing all those personal things like shopping, taking her to the docs etc. fall into the too hard basket for the others, but, they miss out on the joyous times she and I share together.

These are the memories I will hold close to my heart forever.

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