Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Just a quick post as I am back to my mothers very shortly.

I posted a long screed this morning (or thought I had) until I realised I had deleted it instead!

Am I the only dolt to have performed such a trick? I even had a photo in there too, so I was disheartened and miffed for a short while, but I am over it now.

Mum looks a bit worse for wear unfortunately.

She underwent a shoulder replacement in recent times, while I was away and appeared to be recovering fairly well, but this last week has seen her slip downhill again which is not good.

My mother lives in a 'residential village' for those 55 and over and up until 18 months ago loved the activity within.

Unfortunately she sustained a nasty fall after being pushed over by a codger on a bike and broke her humerus bone quite well so this last year and a half has seen her in hospital a few times for pain management.

The op was supposed to resolve all her issues but given that she is 85 it appears she isn't managing too well despite her feisty attitude. Heaven help me if I were to suggest she went into more supported care, or worse still, come and live with one of her children!

Mum's had it rough over the years. Her husband, my dad, died of prostate cancer some 7 years ago, then not long after, my son died. To follow that another grandchild, my sister's daughter died suddenly 3 years ago also.

Mum is one of two siblings left in her family also after saying goodbye to one sister and three brothers, so, her 5 children are very protective of her and support her however we can.

As you can see, she has quite a glint in her eyes and I love her fiercely. We are more like best mates than mother and daughter and I try not to project too much into the future, focusing on one day at a time instead with her......

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  1. Here's to you Mrs Jones, we all love you more than you would know..............