Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This Time In My Life Take 2

Think I stuffed up my entry into blogging yesterday with a void entry despite having a title.

Thought I had best contribute something today otherwise I will have stuffed up twice in two days which is not a great start now is it.

Today is a chilly cold day with plenty of light rain outside. Unfortunately for here that is not good enough as we need rain rain and even more rain.

I live in Melbourne which would have to be one of the driest cities in Australia.

I was at my best friends place yesterday and it rained a'plenty whilst I was there (out in the country) but unfortunately you can't take it with you and so while her tanks are full, ours are less than a quarter full.

Its winter time here and I've watched how the snow has fallen in the mountain regions. Boy am I envious. It must be wonderful to live up there and have it all come alive come snow season. Makes life worthwhile doesn't it.

Today is a washing and tumble dryer day with the heater on as well to try and dry clothes. Thats the worst thing about this weather.

I figure you can always get warm but its bloody hard to try and dry stuff all the time. This place often looks like Chinese Laundry with all our wet gear hanging everywhere.

Just to enlighten you, reader, about myself a little.

As my profile indicates, I am married. Am mother to two. My daughter is 24 right now (heaven forbid if I were to make an erroneous error and put in the wrong age!)

My son, who would have been 27 two days ago, died six and a bit years ago after a life time of chronic illness. He had a disorder known as Progeria (Accelerated Aging Syndrome) and passed away six weeks short of his 21st. birthday.

I am a practising midwife and recently spent three weeks in Papua New Guinea practising (or at least, trying to) my skills as a professional midwife. There were many facets of that experience I loved and consequently I am busting to return there in the next couple of years. I am now home though and back at work and sometimes wishing I was many miles away, but, we all do that from time to time don't I.

As someone recently said (not in relation to my mental state I might add...) "Suck it in, and get over it" which is not the most empathic support for professional issues, but something I can say to myself anyhow...

So, without further adieu, I will depart for bigger things (more washing and ironing) and with a promise to return and blog some more sooner rather than later.

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