Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a short one this morning as I am off to work this afternoon.
Have to call into my mothers beforehand though and deliver unto her a loaf of bread, which, I don't mind doing in the least.
In this weather though, I just hope she hasn't got it into her head to go down the street herself as she is 85 now and becoming frailer each day I see her (which is often).
Another cold day cold I am not even bothering to hang clothes on the line and instead have reverted to the tumble dryer and heater.
Hang the global warming issues related to such misconduct. Hang the electricity bill...I pay enough as it is!
Work this afternoon. I wonder what that will bring with its myriad of convoluted anxieties, both fellow midwives, doctors and patients. We won't even enter the realm of visitors who think its all about ME!
There are some days we are relatively sane, and other days, especially Thursday afternoons where its chaos and fraught with "What the hell am I doing here on a Thursday afternoon!"
Ahhh well, another day, another dollar or two as they say.
Must away as I have not the time to be frivolous before I go.

I have made dinner for the other half tonight which is an accomplishment for me.

Till next time....

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