Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Big Day tomorrow

I had to prepare for a talk I've been asked to give tomorrow, today.

I plan to do a photo presentation and just talk around the pictures...

What of you ask?

Tis of my recent trip to Papua New Guinea...Needless to say I think I have enough ammo to bore everyone witless... some 172 photos all up.

Given that I'll have about 10 minutes to talk I'll have to wizz through it all.

How can you cull such a memorable time.

I found one of the greatest pleasures I had over there was photographing children as they are so expressive and real.

They don't shy away and theres no pretense when looking at the camera.

Some of my sequence photos even entail a story or little Betsy who lives in a village we visited. This little one, all of 3 or 4 followed us around everywhere for the whole day and I took heaps of photos of her but she would not smile.

Later in the day I found out her name 'Betsy' and began calling her that... Well, you should have seen the change in her personality...from such a solemn little girl to one with a vibrant smile, jumping around...amazing was the transformation.

Another simple tale was of an elderly gent who was unaware I had taken a pic of him. When he realised what I had done, he insisted I repeat the photo, this time with his hat off as he was so proud of his hair!

Funny how now it seems like a lifetime ago.

I think of the people I met there frequently and with great fondness. I wonder if they do the same of us.....?

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  1. They will all be riveted in their seats, pretend you're my darling other half and just keep talking, you'll get it all in that way!! Good Luck.