Friday, June 12, 2009

Good evening as Alfred Hitcock once said to all and sundry.

It's the end of a busy day.

We, as in my husband and I have just been out to dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant in Laverton (Narathai) and eaten to our hearts content...mind our stomachs are groaning at the added encumberance we have hoisted upon them!

Following our partakings, we then called into an electrical store and purchased for our one and only existing child, an electric blanket as where she is currently residing (Edithvale), her mattress is on the floor which are floorboards, and consequently she is often very bloody cold at night. We figure, an EB will stave off the winter freezings a bit and make her all warm and toast. The objective here is to ensure she has a better nights sleep and wakes up as fresh as a daisy instead of being cold all night. Hope it works!

I've worked two shifts since I was last on here and its been reasonably busy at work. I tend to run hither and thither about there in my position (in charge) and have 50 things on my mind at any one time.

When the crunch comes, its my responsibility to ensure all has been appropriate for my shift and I have to rely on the people with whom I am working to make sure their allocation is not too taxing for them.

I like to think that they will have to courage to speak out to me if they find it too difficult but often or sometimes they don't and its at the end of the shift when I am extracting a handover from them that I find they haven't been able to accomplish what they presumed they could, at the beginning.

Alas, what can you do eh... but be on your guard with certain staff in the future.

I am not going to gripe about the cold tonight for yes it is winter after all and bloody freezing.

C'est la vie!

Here are three snapshot photos of when we travelled to Thailand a few years ago. Just looking back now, it seems a lifetime ago but actually occured only three years ago. What an adventure we had travelling to Kanchanaburi where we met elephants, tigers, monks and boat people. We walked the trail our POW's did so many years ago during the second world war along Hellfire Pass and even though we did it in the comfortable time of 2006 it was still a most memorable experience.

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  1. Oh my gosh, we can't have her cold, I'll have to work on a quilt for her now. Do you think she can cope for the next couple of winters? Lol. At the speed I work, it could be a while. 8)xxxxx