Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time heals old wounds.

After weeks of feeling downright miserable with this cold of mine, I can happily report that I think I am now on the mend.
I took myself off to the chemist yesterday and I suspect he took pity on me. (Gave me some strong stuff) that makes me feel almost human again!
Funny how I never ever for a jolly long time came down with an 'URTI' whilst my other half and she who comes home for food and money (my darling daughter) seemed to succumb all the time until recent years.
Now the roles have reversed and its me with the blocked up honky schnozz, laryngitis and resultant cold sore, but as I said earlier I am on the improve, so when I return to work tomorrow, hopefully people will stop avoiding me whilst holding their breath in my presence!

I bought my husband a shirt and tie last week from his favourite shirt and tie shop. When I got home, I was so focused on taking all the pins out of the shirt and washing it that I must have thrown the tie out!
What did I do but rush back down to the shop and purchased yet another tie to add to his collection.

You may re call last week (or was it the week before?) I was supposed to give a talk at work about my recent PNG experience. This was deferred as I had no voice but with a bit of luck I can get it over with sometime next week and won't have to stress about speaking in front of an audience again for a while.

Last Sunday I was invited to an afternoon tea to meet two young nurses who actually flew out to PNG today, their ultimate destination being Goroka.
They're there for three weeks and hope to gain some surgical, medical and theatre experience. I was checking the weather up there earlier and it's sitting around 30 degrees celsius. Such a contrast to our 6 degrees, rain and wind.

Friday sees my dear friend Lizzie and I getting together for the day. Our initial plan was to spend the day at The Melbourne Zoo and if the weather was inclement, go to Plan B and chill out at D.F.O. in the city. Trust me to come up with a Plan C...checking out the Pompeii exhibition on at the Melbourne Museum, which is what I think we will end up doing after all that.
Its Lizzie's birthday tomorrow (Wednesday) and mine on Sunday, hence the Big Day Out.
To top it off, my darling daughter, Lizzie's godchild will be coming out to dinner with us which will be a first.

The following day my plan is for my other half and I to go up to our escape from the city (Porepunkah) for a few days. It'll be icy cold up there (snow, hail and rain is forecast) but I don't care...shall be wonderful to just be up there for a break.

Look forward to numerous photos...


  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better in anticipation of our trip to Pompeii on Friday AND dinner with our darling girl, see you then.

  2. Sounds like you had a full day planned I hope that you enjoyed it and that Lizie had a fantastic birthday.