Friday, July 24, 2009

Yesterday was a day of much enlightenment for me.
Twas my introduction to the real world of avid quilters...
Mind, having been around Lizzie for so long I have had some understanding of the painstaking diligence and dedication to such a craft not to mention the beauty, but never before yesterday have I seen such incredible artistry and imagination.

Some of the creations I saw were, to my mind phenomenal. I understand that what was there is only the tip of the iceberg and there are many women who devote almost their whole lives to such a craft. I find it amazing that there are so many themes worked upon. There are names commonly known to many 'quilters' who design and create from their minds....all this many of you already know, so, if I sound a little gushy, I can only apologise.

Below are a few of the favourites I selected to photograph (with permission of course).

I hope you can appreciate them.


  1. What happened to the photo's? Computer gremlins again? Have a great time in Daylesford.

  2. A valuable post on enlightenment.

    Karim - Mind Power