Sunday, July 12, 2009

Time waits for no man...

The previous post was made a few days ago, but it seems I had some trouble amending some changes and its taken me till today to get stuck into it again and sort out the issues.
No matter what I do, I have this problem with enormous gaps (as you can see) between photographs and anyone able to instruct me on how to eradicate those rather large gaps in my posts before posting?
Its a little bit frustrating to say the least but the post certainly looks better than the original, at least when I view it anyhow.

Work has been somewhat ordinary over the weekend. All the doings are supposed to quieten down over the weekends, when we have no elective inductions or caesarians to deal with, just the aftermath of a busy week. Unfortunately, hand in hand with that goes the redeployment of my staff that renders us overworked on weekends like this just gone when I don't have enough midwives to meet the number of labouring women...
I'm afraid I have been quite angry as a consequence and have made a formal complaint as I feel we have to work in an unsafe environment which leads to risk taking as we haven't the time to nurture our mothers and babies as we like and are supposed to do.
Now that might make me Little Miss Unpopular by some but I am old enough and big enough now (55!) to take it on the chin.

Tomorrow sees yet another adventure with Dear Lizzie, as we return to a bygone era and check out Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.
Be prepared for yet more photographs detailing our gold panning attempts...just as long as neither of us fall into the creek. Hmmm, might even trip down a gold mine or two providing the kids are back at school and we don't have to join a mile-long queue.
Its icily cold here tonight and I suspect it'll be even more so tomorrow. All the better to have another road trip up to Ballarat!

Just three more images taken down at Anglesea (seaside town in Victoria) a few months ago.

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  1. OK, next time I come down remind me that we are going to sort out your posting photo woes :0)
    Well, perhaps not next Thursday, we will be busy with your indoctrination to the world of Craft Shows!! Can't wait. XX