Sunday, July 12, 2009

Not had much chance, to write stuff today,

So many things just get in the way,

What with sick mothers and jobs to be done,

And daughters with problems that won't be outshone.

Life is sure busy with no time to stop,

Just running and running, I feel on the hop.

There's beds to be made, and floors to be washed,

And clothes to be ironed and teeth to be flossed.

Bills to be paid and food to be bought,

No wonder this woman is feeling quite fraught.

They say that anxiety's on the increase,

And quite understand why I feel caprice.

We won't even mention the job I perform,

Where stress and high pressure seem to be the norm.

There's always demands from the others at work,

This working in charge is not a great lurk.

So there you have it, that's my excuse,

I long for the day when I can refuse.

To do all these things, have time for me,

And write, read and dally and pretend like I'm free!

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