Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Addendum to a day in Pompeii!

Unfortunately, in my haste to post my photos before "the computer says no"...I made a few spelling mistakes, so I hope you'll accept my apology.

Our day yesterday, long awaited was to make it to The Pompeii exhibition at long last.

In case you were not able to tell, we were unable to take photos inside the exhibition which was a shame, but then you have to respect the demands of people who were alive some 60 years after Christ.

We saw some magnificently (thanks to nature) preserved artifacts from the time...coins, wheels, toilet systems, wall friezes with paint still intact, kitchens, pots, work tools...they were an incredible array from a lifetime ago that had been preserved during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

There were even body casts of victims I remember seeing probably in a book when a child, of mortals and animals who died because of poisonous gases and heat extremes emitted during that day.

We were even treated to a 3D movie of Pompeii which demonstrated through time lapse what would have happened to the village in that last 24 hour period.

So they might say "there went the Fall of Rome"...we saw the Fall of Pompeii.

After a bite to eat we then continued onto the main museum exhibition but unfortunately, because of time constraints we only got to see a small portion of what was on offer.

Our focus was on Melbourne from yesterday, plus the indigenous people of our land, their impact here and what white man has done to them in days gone by. It makes me ashamed of being a white person when you read of how innocent children were stolen from their innocent mothers by white people who presumed they knew better.

We eventually left Melbourne Museum around 4:30 pm. happy and content that we had finally completed one of our "to do's" for the year.

Thank you Lizzie for a wonderful day. Despite the rain and noisy children we had a great day. The best part was the promise of catching up again soon.....

Pompeii is the day

This is the entrance to our day of nostalgic wonder.

Nostalgic because many of the mementoes we say I recall wondering about as a child.
The photo of Lizzie to my left is typical...I was going to say "Find a computer and there you'll find Lizzie" but I thought better of it.
How about..."Here is Lizzie entering in a competition that would see us in Pompeii!

These nest three photos are taken from a compilation of pictures taken back in the 1930's of indigenous people from up north. Beautiful aren't they!

I spied a green tree frog amongst the moss...

A natural wonder of the world...green rainforest. Becoming a rarity these days.

A childs quilt based on their love for Australia

Windmills of your mind.

A horse is a horse of course, of course...No not Mr. ed but Pharlap!

Typical Melbourne home from back in the 20's 30's or 40's!

Array of bottles on a kitchen shelf

Pacific island kites

Montage again of aboriginality splendiferous

Papuan New Guinea mask

And our farewell...trojan soldiers see us off the premises...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Just a few days ago I had the opportunity to take my Mum out to lunch. We ended up at Werribee Mansion where they have a gorgeous gift shop with an eclectic array of goodies to purchase.

There is also a cafe there as well where we dined, but this little gem I came across to give to my niece's daughter for her christening which is to occur this coming Sunday.

Its actually a fabric container which contains 16 finger puppets. As both Kate's parents are teachers, I am sure they'll put all those finger puppets to good use over time.

You can actually see all the detail they put into the puppets. I can't wait for next Sunday when I can give this gift to Kate.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Have been on a steep learning curve today. I went down to Geelong with a colleague to attend a management study day based on how to deal with conflict etc. Met some fine ladies from down there. Also learnt a lot as well. There was stuff I already knew too but I believe it doesn't hurt to have it reinforced every now and again.

Back to work again tomorrow, but only tomorrow and Saturday do I have to work. Sunday and Monday are my next days off and whilst I won't be doing much on Sunday, Lizzie and I have our tickets booked for an entertaining day at the Pompeii exhibition, one which we have had planned for many weeks now.
You may recall we had great intentions to visit this when it first opened, but the crowds put us off and so, we watched Sampson and Delilah instead.

This time we have our feet well and truly in the door and will get in there by hook or crook, or maybe by volcano!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who else but Lizzie of the quilters anon...
Japanese beauty

Australian birds

"Wish I could do that!" she said....

Pirates week coming up...Arrrggghhh aaarrrggghhh matey!

Gorgeous colours

Created by kindergarten children no less!

First to catch my eye... a rare beauty indeed!

Mother and daughter

Well last night was an interesting experience indeed.
Nine of us in the room with the 'educator', 'guide', 'mentor', whatever the term is for the young woman who put us through our paces.

Her initial talk was about dreams and what perhaps they meant to us.
She also spoke about how the metaphysical and physical world is changing right now and as a result of that our physical beings are experiencing changes both within and without. All these changes are due to planet alignment or some such thing which kind of went over the top of my head but all the same it was interesting. (You can always learn something new I believe!

We then launched into our first visualisation. The others of the group who were not virgins like myself to the experience began a chant. Twas not an ommmmmmmmm, rather a moooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaa which was interesting. I emitted a few smiles as it actually sounded quite cathartic. I was envious of not being able to emit the sounds (I was frightened I would moooooaaa off key and make everyone laugh), BUT, I did by myself today and boy did it feel good! I might add I was in the car driving to a purposeful destination at the time and others in cars would have thought I was having a stroke if they had bothered to look at me.

We then selected cards (I am still not sure of their value) that had symbols on them. We then had the task of launching into another visualisation, this time with two angels (female and male) and had to focus on the symbol. Strangely, this made me conjure up those two with wings taking me to my son which actually made me cry.
I'm not sure if that was supposed to happen, but I believe despite my bravado I am still extremely sensitive about all things Chris, despite his death occurring some six years ago, and so it was no wonder that all thoughts led to him when I was allowed the time to become introspective.

All in all, it was a good experience. I have always wanted to try meditating and plan to return when work and social events permit. The group are unobtrusive and respectful of personal space. I might add that I am the oldest in the group, going by appearances but I don't care.
I look at this as a way to help with long overdue healing, so every little bit helps!

Today, I was supposed to have lunch with a friend but I received a phone call that was to change the course of the whole day.
"Mum, I have nits" caused a whole different circumstance to happen and so, instead of housework and un-needed extra calories, I first trip-trop-trapped to the local chemist for an army of chemicals to cause the death of a few tiny insects residing in my daughters hair.

My daughter is a 24 year old child care worker, and each day this week she has told me of the children and workers at her place of employment being sent home with various stages of head lice.
Today was her turn to be told she had eggs in her head and so I received the "Can you help me please Mum?" and, to be sure, to be sure, I didn't mind in the least and so over to Edithvale I travelled armed with my weapons of egg destruction.

It actually turned out to be a great bonding day for the two of us, for, not only did I treat Mez for head lice, I also helped her strip her bed, wash her linen and clothes, then we went shopping and had some lunch. This is something we do not do very often. I am constantly amazed how my girl has changed into such a warm loving girl again. She like so many of her ilk became the teenager from hell for sometime and, up until she was 22 or so, I thought she was never going to snap out of it.
She is now the opposite of what she once was and I love her so much. At the end of the day, she even didn't want her Mummia to go home which I thought was lovely, but alas, good things have to come to an end and so I returned home to strip my own bed and do the ironing.

Some things just never change do they!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A wild and windy night

I am about to go out to commence a meditation course. One which friends from work have asked me to go along to with them.

Its freezing outside, the wind has settled for a bit fortunately, but its wet and miserable.
Winter weather to be proud of!

I haven't blogged for a few weeks as I was disheartened when my previous blog kind of blew a front tyre and refused to publish the photos I had selected.

I won't post them this evening, but plan to have another go tomorrow.

I only received a couple of days ago my very first fat pack to make a beautiful quilt. Unfortunately it didn't come with instructions, and, as I am not quilt literate yet, I will need all the help I can get. Hopefully I might get a little assistance from my dear friend from up the Mulga..., dear Lizzie (if I am a good girl and buy her lots of chocolate!)

Well, must away as the chanting need is growing upon me. More tomorrow regarding my transcendental experience.