Thursday, August 27, 2009


Have been on a steep learning curve today. I went down to Geelong with a colleague to attend a management study day based on how to deal with conflict etc. Met some fine ladies from down there. Also learnt a lot as well. There was stuff I already knew too but I believe it doesn't hurt to have it reinforced every now and again.

Back to work again tomorrow, but only tomorrow and Saturday do I have to work. Sunday and Monday are my next days off and whilst I won't be doing much on Sunday, Lizzie and I have our tickets booked for an entertaining day at the Pompeii exhibition, one which we have had planned for many weeks now.
You may recall we had great intentions to visit this when it first opened, but the crowds put us off and so, we watched Sampson and Delilah instead.

This time we have our feet well and truly in the door and will get in there by hook or crook, or maybe by volcano!


  1. I thought we were driving..........???????


  2. By Volcano? Intriguing..... Have a great time and do not let Lizzie lead you astray LOL

  3. Ahhhh Fiona...It is I who leads Lizzie astray I'm